We support a few grass roots projects per cause. This allows us to connect directly with the people in need.

Save the world today doesn't have any infrastructure or overheads, everything is volunteered or donated. We believe if everyone does a little it affects a lot. We believe in equality!

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1 billion children live in poverty, thats every second child! 22,000 children die each day due to poverty! Because almost half the world, over three billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day!

Because we CAN make a difference!

We are all connected and by making a stand for peace and equality you in turn affect yourself and the world.

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Right now, its to late to wait anymore, the world is upside down, most of the world lives in poverty, 80% of the human race lives on less than $10 per day.

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Human Trafficking is huge, it could be your child.

Human sex trafficking is the most common form of modern-day slavery. Estimates place the number of its domestic and international victims in the millions, mostly females and children enslaved in the commercial sex industry for little or no money.

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African Artists, have so much devotion, yet no support.

African carftsmen work a lifetime on their skills hand making beautiful artifacts from natrual materials. Sadly they don't have any kind of support or trade to purchase enough food to survive, sadly most of them turn to crime.

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